A thesis summary recaps all the ideas you have discussed in your paper. It helps the reader to connect the thesis statement, Literature Review, and the data presented. It counts among the shortest chapters in an academic paper but holds a significant position.

How can I write a summary of a thesis? There are several tricks to use when summarizing your work. The most important aspect is to draw your conclusion from the discussion you have already held. The reader must feel the connection between the summary and the points discussed in the body.

Expert tips on how to write a short summary

1. Write your thesis summary last

The summary winds up your entire discussion. it is impossible to summary ideas you do not understand or have not written yet. Your summary thesis should, therefore, be the last chapter you write. By the time you are drafting this chapter, you have a clear idea of what your thesis covers.

Do not introduce any new point or information at this level. Only refer to your thesis statement, question, and the data you have presented. Make it genuine and logical such that your readers can concur with your assessment.

2. Use certified thesis summary example

How do I write a summary of a thesis with so many instructions? Do not struggle with such a short chapter while you can use examples. The examples have already executed summary writing instructions. Imitate the approach in the examples and the chapter will be done in a flash.

3. Discuss the thesis summary examples with your tutor

Request your tutor to provide summary writing examples in English. If you have gotten the examples elsewhere, discuss their usage with your supervisor. Supervisors are experienced scholars. Their obligation over your academic life guarantees the best guidance. They do not charge you for the help and will also provide the best resources.

4. Obtain summary writing examples in English from writing websites

Obtain a thesis summary example from online writing services. The platforms have a variety of resources that will guide you in the course of writing. You may also request a customized example based on the instructions offered. Custom examples are easier to understand because they compress all instructions into a single document. Choose from the best writing websites to avoid being misled.

5. Hire a professional writer to do your summary thesis section

Freelance writers and homework websites offer more resources to help you with writing a summary example. They have writers to craft the summary chapter or even handle the entire paper. Through their assistance, you will craft the most captivating summary. You avoid fatigue while still achieving your academic goals.

The summary thesis example you use must come from credible sources. Discuss the details with your supervisor to avoid using the wrong example. It would result in poor performance.

3 examples of thesis summaries

Example 1

My Ph.D. thesis deals with the effects of the Corona virus pandemic on the global environment. The paper set to examine the effect of lock-downs and reduced factory activities on the environment. From the data presented, it is evident that the world had a chance to breathe. It leaves the discussion on the possibility of reversing the damage of climate change open. The world can be healthier if leaders take the right steps.

Example 2

My thesis was focusing on the problems arising from increased screen-time from online learning. Children will have to find healthier gadgets to protect their eyes from glare. The biggest problem was parents not recognizing the damage happening to children. The world must find better gadgets and find a way of removing children from the screens.

Example 3

The dissertation examines the effectiveness of sanctions on the uptake of democracy. While countries face sanctions, they do not necessarily become democratic. The measures only hurt the people who the global community is trying to protect through the sanctions. It is time for the world to look for better ideas of dealing with tyrant leaders beyond imposing sanctions on an entire country.